Dear Inquirer,

Budapest Consulting is a company with 20 years of professional experience that has expanded its activities in everyday cases with the issue of housing by solving the daily problems of owners and tenants, collecting rents, receiving and taking back dwellings in good condition, avoiding and resolving possible conflicts.

We recommend ourselves to the renters:

  • Who live far away from their properties and thus have problems with it
  • Who live abroad but do not want to sell their property in Hungary,
  • Who do not have time or do not like to deal with material matters,
  • When tenants do not keep the payment deadlines
  • Who have trouble managing “Problematic tenants "
  • Who are foreigners with limited Hungarian language
  • We can help with good market value.

Why choose us?

With nearly 20 years of experience under our belt, Budapest Consulting has a good practice to take time-consuming problems out of your hands and to make sure you feel secure with your property throughout your contract.



Our first mission is to make your apartment more marketable. We would give you suggestions, take photos, and manage ads with our descriptions: on our own pages, and on real estate portals

To choose
the right tenant

Selecting tenant candidates is a complex process. In addition to rapid selection, mutual sympathy is an important aspect. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, personal consultation between the tenant and the lessor can be set to avoid future disputes.


On request, we also undertake the transfer of housing and the problems of moving out. To avoid subsequent disputes, we provide appropriate documentation, photos of the technical condition of the premises, and other relates issues. Upon request we also inventory everything should be left in the property.

Tenant needs

We agree to collect the rental fee, to pay the utility bills and the common cost, and to settle the total overhead of the tenant. In the lease period, we deal with all the questions and problems of the tenant 24/7, thereby sparing the lessor of unnecessary harassment


We have professionals for any kind of special work (installation, troubleshooting).


After moving out, we undertake the cleaning, painting, and the restoration of the apartment. If requested, we also handle regular cleaning.

Legal advice

With 20 years of experience, our legal partner can provide a meaningful help to our clients on any property issues. Legal, accounting, or any day-to day client care.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to call.

CONTACT US+36 30 220 1100info@lakasfelugyelo.hu1125 Budapest, Istenhegyi út 101/D